We Stop Wage Theft is a group of legal professionals who are dedicated to stopping illegal employment practices, including non-payment of overtime compensation, failing to pay minimum wages, failing to pay for all hours worked, and not paying contractually required amounts.

We Stop Wage Theft was created to give workers the tools they need to take immediate action so they can recovery the wages they have earned, while protecting them from retaliation by employers.

We Stop Wage Theft wants to educate workers about their rights and connect them to leading professionals who will assist them, without being charged any upfront fees.

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Is We Stop Wage Theft a law firm? No, but we work with lawyers who can provide you legal advice and, when appropriate, bring legal action on your behalf.

What happens when I contact We Stop Wage Theft? In most cases, your inquiry will be directed to an experienced lawyer who can review your case, free of charge, and recommend further step to protect your rights. You should receive an email response within 24 hours along with instructions to schedule a free consultation.

Will my employer find out that I contacted We Stop Wage Theft? No. Your communications with We Stop Wage Theft are private, and any follow up consultations with lawyers are strictly confidential. Please view our privacy policy for more information about how we protect your personal information. 

Can We Stop Wage Theft help me bring a class action against my employer? We Stop Wage Theft will help you connect to lawyers who can evaluate your claims and determine whether it would be appropriate to bring a class action lawsuit on behalf of you and similarly situated workers.

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